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hyperinflation: no way

I’ve studied voodoo economics under certified economic professors in government-approved institutions “of higher learning”. money-as-litter-13In the most recent decade, I have studied, online and in books, the words of the Misean masters. Anyone who has done both can conclude nothing other than the validity of Austrian Economics. It works.

Also incontrovertible is the knowledge that every fiat currency that has ever existed ended in hyperinflation to destruction. The average age of the world’s fiat currencies is 30 years old. The end of every fiat currency looks just like our world economy today. Our dollar is going down soon, along with every other major currency on the planet.

But I don’t believe it!

I cannot bring myself to live as if the end of the dollar is as near as Austrian Economics says it is. Sure, I put some food in my pantry and bought some silver, but I can’t bring myself (and my wife) to abandon our jobs, disconnect from the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) economy and run for the hills. The end is near end won’t come.

I just cannot get my analytical self to overpower my emotional self. I have never lived through a hyperinflation or economic crash. There is no way I can really believe I am about to now.

I get my news from,,,, and a few more. The evidence there affirms the correctness of trading FRNs for silver as fast as possible. I understand that half the jobs out there today will be gone soon. But I can’t help but look to existing employers as a more stable income source than pursuing self-employment ideas.

I cannot resist the assumption that the marketplace shelves will be as full and affordable as they have been my entire life. I cannot shake the idea that a handful of paper/fabric bills in my wallet with one or two-digit numbers printed upon them will continue to get me what I want at the local markets. It is nearly impossible to believe that all TV broadcasters AND the mainstream politicians are misleading us through ignorance or grand plan.

However, far before we are ready, silver coins will be more valuable than wheelbarrows of dollar bills. Food will trump gizmos. Much of what we take for granted will be unobtainable. Everything we knew we should have done will be moved from the “ToDo list” to “Regrets”.

I will have a stack of them. I wish you a shorter list.

empty store shelves