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The next question I was asked to write on was limited to a 250 word answer. Heck, at 250 I’m barely out of second gear. Oh well, I trimmed as best I could, then just hacked off until the meter said, “250”.

What would your top three priorities be as a Kuna City Council member?

My overriding principle on the Kuna city council will be to keep costs of living and working in Kuna as low as possible while enhancing the life, liberty and property of every individual and business here.

Incomes in Kuna, Idaho, the USA and the world are down. The fundamentals of sound economics provide no reason for optimism and, indeed, dictate a seriously conservative planning and spending profile in the near term. Those who would bet your future on a miraculous recovery by that economic horse staggering around the track should not be trusted.

I will study every proposal and base every decision on minimizing costs and maximizing the versatility of our community. This, unfortunately, will be new and innovative on the Kuna city council.

Kuna does NOT need is another taxing agency. Kuna does NOT have a problem with excessively low taxes. There is no need among Kuna owners and renters for an urban renewal agency to suck additional tax dollars from our pockets. Worse, this handful of geniuses may choose to dictate landscaping, paint color and all manner of use we make of our private property. Nobody votes for this on purpose, yet the Kuna city council “gave it to us” this year.

I want to reverse this decision. If not outright, at least put it to a vote. Do you want to pay extra taxes to have someone else control your property use? It sure seems like an easy choice to me, but the incumbents got it wrong.