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shooting ban

Kuna City Council is headed down the path of prohibiting shooting within the city limits. Not too long ago, they stretched their city limits miles in every direction to include corn fields, wheat fields, hundreds of acres of farmland, fallow land and much more. What problems are they solving … and what problems are they creating? […]

spring is busting out all over

I made the first transaction of my new career as a self-employed scrounger, reseller, fixer, handyman or whatever other ways I can come up with of turning my brains, hands, capital or inventory into things I want. While it wasn’t ideal from an economic standpoint, I just traded a brand new 40-bottle wine fridge I bought at the thrift store to the local high-end steakhouse for our 10th Anniversary dinner coming up December 24th. […]

anniversary list

Wikipedia says we should celebrate anniversary #10 with tin. You have to be kidding me??? […]

The Ministry of Self Defense

There is an e-mail zooming around warning those who would defend life, liberty and property with personally owned firearms that George Soros is buying gun manufacturers as part of his anti-gun agenda. Among others discrediting this bit is the super-reliable JPFO. That Soros himself cannot be directly linked to The Freedom Group’s purchases of gun, ammunition, bullet and powder manufacturers is not terribly relevant. The concerns, however, ARE terribly relevant. […]

The American Dream

I have spent years writing, speaking and campaigning to explain serious issues in our society. Some really awful people have obtained power without the masses catching even a hint of it. Footnotes, links, essays and speaking engagements feel at best modestly useful. Then along come these guys (or this person) who explains a whole bunch of how your world has been manipulated and a clever and incisive animated video. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND: The American Dream

Mainstream media

I don’t know where this came from. I was rummaging around in my blog archives to see what articles I had started and abandoned for later cleanup, when I tripped over this one. I am cleaning it up and moving it to the “posted” category. If I wrote it, I like it. If I didn’t, thank you whoever did and I still like it. Newspapers are dropping like flies, and they have worked very hard to earn their fate. The broadcast and cable Main Stream Media (MSM) exist at the pleasure of government; every one of them is subject to licensing. They are completely subservient and their “reporting” is nothing more than passionless stenography. They serve the same purpose Pravda […]

the senior fiat currency

Yesterday I posted that “the average age of the world’s fiat currencies is 30 years old”. We quickly reply that the Federal Reserve Act gave the US currency to the Federal Reserve 100 years ago. That certainly bumps the average up and seemingly gives the federal reserve note unique longevity. The Bretton Woods Agreement did make the dollar unique in the history of fiat currencies. But even with that special feature allowing dollar inflation to be exported throughout the world, our dollar has been unbacked only since 1971 when the Nixon administration disconnected it from its gold backing. Thus, 40 years is the current age of our dollar as a fiat currency. A generation is generally considered to be that […]

hyperinflation: no way

I’ve studied voodoo economics under certified economic professors in government-approved institutions “of higher learning”. In the most recent decade, I have studied, online and in books, the words of the Misean masters. Anyone who has done both can conclude nothing other than the validity of Austrian Economics. It works. Also incontrovertible is the knowledge that every fiat currency that has ever existed ended in hyperinflation to destruction. The average age of the world’s fiat currencies is 30 years old. The end of every fiat currency looks just like our world economy today. Our dollar is going down soon, along with every other major currency on the planet. But I don’t believe it! […]

the looney highwayman

For 46 years I have crossed this highwayman’s turf on the way home with my paycheck. He and his gang of thieves have taken 1/5th of my earnings every time. The lowest member of the gang has always had more money, more leisure and a higher-cost lifestyle than I have ever enjoyed. Of course none of them were ever smart enough to have even half the fun I did, but nevertheless, living high on my money they sure as heck could have. […]

more city council

The next question I was asked to write on was limited to a 250 word answer. Heck, at 250 I’m barely out of second gear. Oh well, I trimmed as best I could, then just hacked off until the meter said, “250”. What would your top three priorities be as a Kuna City Council member? […]

running around town

I’ve been busy. You may have noticed my silence. Thus it was with more than a little soul searching that I decided to put my name on the ballot for the local city council. This post is the first essay of that candidacy. It is my response to the question: Please write a 500-word essay telling us about yourself and why you are seeking this position. I am independent, thoughtful and creative. My word is my bond. I feel the most important thing a man has is his honor. Nobody can take it from you, but those who give their honor away don’t deserve it, or the respect of honest men. […]