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silver volatility

Let’s pretend we had enough people spread around in enough high places that we could control some BIG things. I’ll further stipulate that we are immoral, greedy power-seekers who get a special thrill out of creating the largest possible differentiation between us as “the haves” and the entire rest of humanity as “the have nots”. (homework assignment)

We begin to notice as our plan unfolds that too many of those we would have be destitute and dependent are transferring their savings from the paper currencies we are destroying into beans bullets and silver bullion. That won’t do. We don’t want THAT kind of survivor wandering around behind our lines.

In past crashes we have engineered, we managed to demonize those who had enough depth in their pantries to avoid the soup lines. We got the crowds and paramilitaries to take from “The Hoarders” and share with those whose need was at least as important. It is probably safe to assume we can do this again.

Getting the bullets and the means of projecting them into the bad guys (us) is nip and tuck right now, but the UN Small Arms Treaty option and bringing non-USA forces in to enforce them shows great promise. At the very least, it will provide us with years of amusement as we watch the backwoods Americans VS just about anybody we can put a UN helmet on who doesn’t speak English but definitely has generations worth of hatred for Americans from the torment we have tricked the US military into raining down all over the world.

Now, what to do about the bullion? We’ve confiscated gold before. Though we didn’t get every ounce, we got it out of the good little rule followers’ hands and kept the price down and risk up for the rest. We never have had any luck at all with silver confiscation as it is too common, used in hundreds of years-worth of well-recognized coins, is widely used industrially and just has far too much common-man support to demonize. If we can just chase the bullion ownership away from silver, we’re cookin’ with gas.

Hey, 95% of the silver trades are just electronic promises. That’s our ticket. We’ll jerk the rules around, trade wildly amongst ourselves, run the price up and down so fast, far and frequently that the beans-bullets-bullion crowd runs away to GOLD. Now we got ’em.

Those of you out there of the buy and hold silver owners just have to get with the program. The volatility is there for a reason. Get scared. Get out of the market. Trust gold. Trust fiat paper currencies. Trust us.

And for goodness sakes, if someone speaks the word “Hyperinflation” in your presence, cover your ears, run away and report them to authorities ASAP.