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$1 coins

The Washington Post has an opinion article about the mistakes Congress is making keeping both paper dollars and metal dollars in circulation. Michael Zielinski (no, I don’t know who he is either) writes that the coins are piling up in great mountains at federal reserve banks because Congress ordered their production while people in the real world are shunning the coins in favor of the paper dollars. […]

silver volatility

Let’s pretend we had enough people spread around in enough high places that we could control some BIG things. I’ll further stipulate that we are immoral, greedy power-seekers who get a special thrill out of creating the largest possible differentiation between us as “the haves” and the entire rest of humanity as “the have nots”. (homework assignment) We begin to notice as our plan unfolds that too many of those we would have be destitute and dependent are transferring their savings from the paper currencies we are destroying into beans bullets and silver bullion. That won’t do. We don’t want THAT kind of survivor wandering around behind our lines. […]

the big picture

I have a fair-sized non fiction library of economics, history, sociology and political science that disproves almost everything fed to me in government-dominated schools. These various pieces developed a healthy scepticism in my view of the expert pronouncements that unamazingly always turn out to be mistaken or deliberately misleading (aka: lies). These books along with regular reading of non-mainstream writings have given me a pretty good picture of how the world works and where we are heading in my lifetime. The book in this category I recently read relates to the others as the brain of this mythological turtle relates to the world’s-worth of activities taking place on its back. I am not sure how much I would have appreciated […]