gardening progress

Oh my aching back, wrist, knee and sweaty body, but I got IT done! 

My blueberry patch is finally properly irrigated with a row of sprinklers pretty much all their own. Thus their ecosystem can be adjusted to suit their needs without waiting for everything else in the garden to want a cool drink of water.

95 in the shade, but I didn’t have the luxury of working in the shade.  When I’d start feeling sorry for myself, I’d look at the 6 baby blueberry plants who have been hanging onto life waiting for me to improve their lot. I’d sit down, drink another quart of water and go back to THE JOB I was determined to finish today.

I have a master plan for our suburban homestead in my head. I’ve been working steady at it on “my weekends” (Thurs/Fri).  This weekend was the blueberries’ turn and with all the ditchdigging and breaking brittle pipes, it turned a bit bigger than anticipated.  However, the old man won this round.  Yay!