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the elites keeping Europe together

Headline from Der Spiegel:
Democratization Can’t Save Europe
The Need for a Centralization of Power
Further down in the article:
“Despite all mistakes and ineptitudes, it is the elites who are keeping Europe together. Rather than thinking about democratization, then, should we not be looking at ways to improve the capabilities of the elites instead?”

Liberty, freedom, the pursuit of happiness, individual wealth and well-being is all directly related to DE-centralized government or absence of central government.

OF COURSE it is the elites who are keeping Europe together. They LOVE central power as long as they are in the center. They LOVE redistribution of wealth as long as they get to pass out the wealth (for a modest cut in the action). The bigger the state the better … for them. They are doing their damnest to create one world-wide superstate and just may pull it off. It will not, however, be for the benefit of mankind or mother earth, but for their own pleasure.

We will soon see a violent contest between those elites and those of us who understand what they are up to. They have the politicians, the army, the media, the banks, the money, the police, the big businesses and much more working for them. We have truth and liberty.

It’s early to call the contest. I wouldn’t put heavy odds on either side, though I’m personally betting IT ALL on liberty because I won’t live any other way. To my way of thinking, Patrick Henry wasn’t issuing so much a heroic statement, but a simple, succinct declaration of how he was built; a self-assessment that he would not, could not be himself, thrive and survive any way other than living in liberty.

His words, “Give me liberty or give me death” are viewed by the elites as rhetoric, because that is all they understand; that is their lifeblood. Also because nothing in their personal makeup or experience is worth fighting for or dying for. They cannot understand us any better than we can understand them.

In our world NOBODY could sacrifice their morals and self-esteem for the “thrill” of crushing another’s life, liberty or happiness. Nobody could deliberately sacrifice progress and well being of all so that they could live measurably better than the peasants. Sadly, they exist. Fortunately, they sometimes lose.