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high school wrestling

The local socialist weekly headline screams, Kuna High struggles with ‘pay-to-play’ fee. Having the kids or their parents pay the costs of their after school playground activities is apparently a shocking development. […]

North VS South

The Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store delivered some fresh (to me) Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass LPs into my hands today. They recorded some wonderful music. It is joyful, bright, harmonious and has the all-important priority set on BRASS music. I’m moving and grooving with the music and thinking a bit about cultural differences. […]

Enemy of the state

I bought a keyboard to plug into my laptop. I own it. I paid for it. It is mine. I hadn’t given it a lot of thought, but tonight I realized this stupid black and dayglow-red sticker hanging out from the cord bugged me… a pest. The svelt, thin, smooth cord had a stiff plasticized paper flag sticking out. See bottom of keyboard for ! HEALTH WARNING DO NOT REMOVE THIS TAG! […]


I stand at my upstairs window overlooking my garden with several thoughts running through my mind. Uppermost is joy with what we have accomplished in our first spring here. The concrete basketball court, willow tree, decorative-shrubbery-filled retaining wall and expanse of lawn are all gone. […]

hyperinflation: the politics

In a previous blog entry I ended with: “What actions, reactions and preparations are obvious, likely and wise? Attempting to keep it bite sized, I’ll try to focus here on political actions and reactions. Some things are assured, some are completely unpredictable while most things lie in between. The biggest variables come from politics. What will the ruling class do? What will they attempt? What will the people accept? What will be unacceptable? What will be demanded? […]

hyperinflation probability X severity

I am a student of Austrian economics, which has advantages of accuracy and integrity over the mainstream Keynesian school of economics. While quoted figures for inflation leave out food, housing and energy, Austrians look at the whole picture, including those three components that are most significant to the vast majority of the populace, particularly to those with minimal discretionary income. Keynesians rationalize dilution of the money supply – printing more and more paper so prices measured by those dollars seem to continually rise. Austrians point out the destructive effects of monetary inflation on economies and societies. The decline of unbacked paper currencies is 100% historically consistent. Today’s paper currencies, including our dollar, are entering that phase where the owners try […]

1%-er meets a 1% chance

Ninja 500This test shows a trace. I’m referring you to a specialist. Hey doc, the specialist is booked out two months. Do you have another? Oh, two months is no problem. This isn’t anything urgent. Wait and see him. That was two months ago. […]

Silent explosion

The Chinese government just went from holding a peak $210.4 billion of U.S.A. Treasury Bills in May 2009 to $5.69 billion in March 2011. Most of their divestiture in the last few months. This is HUGE…. and you have to search “China US Treasury bills” in order to hear or read anything about it. The government of the U.S.A. spends lots more than it takes in. The politicians and bureaucrats sell Treasury bills to finance their binge spending. For various reasons, the Chinese have been sending much of the money we pay them for everything back to the U.S.A. to buy these Treasuries. Thus “our government” (not mine, for sure) can keep up its wanton spending. […]

Home at last

I think I’ve finally arrived. It’s not a perfect place, but it is our place and (most of) The Big Stuff is done. This weekend I finished finding places for everything and got everything in its place. […]