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I’m baaack

It would be an essay of epic proportions to describe the water that went under my bridge in the last few months. For a while I was keeping my loyal readers abreast, but the hurrier I went the busier I got until this was among the things I had to give up.

The new Ted has a garden 80% planted, irrigation 80% in, a new job 80% understood, a new woodshop 80% functional, a reloading/music/office/studio 80% as I want it, and my computers 80% operational having left the Windows world for Ubuntu / Linux in a massive crash of my electronic world and recovery independent of The Big Boys.

You might be noticing a pattern here. I learned it years ago working for Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard (which, I understand is a world different from working for Hewlett Packard today). The pattern is called Pareto’s Principle. In a nutshell, 20% of the effort will net 80% of the results while the remaining 20% of the results will take an additional 80% of the effort. Faced with more than any rational man could/should undertake, I Pareto-ed my whole life .. and am here to tell you it works.

Among my goals for today was to figure out how to post on my blog. As usual, I had 26 things on my ToDo list for my weekend (Thurs/Fri). As usual I got a few of them done. I did not plan on Helpful Harry to break the PVC pipe from the irrigation company into my yard eating the second half of my day, but I handled it. Lovely thing, this hardware store and knowledge to use it. I was really and thoroughly done for the day, but the way in to this suddenly appeared in my windshield and here I am, got one more notch on my git-er-done rifle.

I think I’ll just leave you with that hobo stew of metaphores and call it a day.
Six down, 15 to go for for tomorrow. No problem, I’ll just 80% ’em and move on.