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12 Qualities of a Free Man

I was surprised this morning to find I haven’t linked to this essay before now. I hereby repair this oversight. The Quality of a Free Man By Claire Wolfe

what hyperinflation looks like

I thought of one way to visualize what hyperinflation will look like: Today 1 ounce of silver = $35.20 1 ounce of silver = 65 pounds of rice 1 ounce of silver = 9.6 gallons of gasoline 1 ounce of silver = 35.2 rounds of .308 Remington Express Core-Lokt Rifle Ammunition In the very near future, the one with the $ sign will be changing .. upward .. rapidly … dramatically .. at a parabolically accelerating rate. The rest will stay relatively stable. Silver is easier to store and keeps longer, but the others are more useful. […]

Hello Linux

I finally got the used laptop I’ve been dreaming and scheming on, installed Ubuntu linux and was just beginning to figure out how to do the basics of e-mail and Internet looking with it. I was a couple of days into The Plan to run the old desktop with Windows XP that never, ever went tramping around on the Internet. All my Internet traffic would be from the linux laptop. Thus I would be able to take much of the annoying, system-sucking junk off the desktop to better enjoy the Windows office/marketing programs I had spent so many years getting good with. Just give me a few weeks to figure out this foreign language of Ubuntu/Linux and I’ll start […]

I’m baaack

It would be an essay of epic proportions to describe the water that went under my bridge in the last few months. For a while I was keeping my loyal readers abreast, but the hurrier I went the busier I got until this was among the things I had to give up. The new Ted has a garden 80% planted, irrigation 80% in, a new job 80% understood, a new woodshop 80% functional, a reloading/music/office/studio 80% as I want it, and my computers 80% operational having left the Windows world for Ubuntu / Linux in a massive crash of my electronic world and recovery independent of The Big Boys. You might be noticing a pattern here. I learned it years […]