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I sometimes wish I was cast in front of a room full of teenagers for a week or so, tasked with teaching them something about economics (and other incidentals). We would build a simulated city. The kids would brainstorm a list of the jobs that “need” to be done.

electrical delivery
natural gas delivery
trash collector
auto mechanic
gas station clerk
grocery shelf stocker
septic tank pumper
video store attendant
skateboard salesman

Next we take a pass through getting the kids to take on one of these careers in a blind auction.
Assume every job pays 70 pieces of gold per week.
Turns out we have 12 mayors and no trash collectors.
Now the bidding begins.
Who would be the trash collector for 80 pieces of gold per week?
… 90 pieces of gold per week?
… 100 pieces of gold per week?
At some pay rate we finally get a trash collector, which we all agree is necessary to our community.

Following it through to its logical conclusion, in a free marketplace, the sewage treatment specialist makes more than twice what the banker and mayor make.

If it is not like that in your community, there is perversion involved.