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snap out of it

Claire Wolfe’s blog pointed me toThe Sabbath Manifesto. We get so attached to our technologies and everyday lives that we fail to meditate or take a break from the intensity.

Thanks to Lew Rockwell . com, I found another set of ideas to break out of the intensity; the rut. As an admitted pen and handwriting geek, parts of this really piqued my interest. 5 Items to Snap You Out of Your Digital Writing Routine

I’ve been carrying a gold-plated Cross pen at work for 2 years. NOBODY has been able to snitch it from me. It writes on that stupid thermal paper and on darn near any other surface 100% of the time. But the above article reminded me of my high school days a million years ago when nothing but a cartridge fountain pen would do. I might just have to get another one of them and do some cursive writing on gen-u-ine stationary.

Of course that won’t do you any good, and I certainly won’t post a bit of that writing here, but it might be fun, relaxing or therapeutic for me. You might give it a whirl yourself.