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talking trash

I paid my tiny town bill. City services for the month cost $62.80. Pressurized potable water is $18.90 per month. Arguably a good deal. Certainly not bad. Sewer charges were $24.65. Still okay, I suppose, but if they hadn’t built the sewage treatment plant for their dreamed-of growth that will never happen, we wouldn’t be paying nearly so dearly. Streetlight $0.75. Not much money, but I would gladly pay a buck a month to have no streetlights. Has anybody heard of flashlights, headlights, porch lights and moonlight? I KNOW y’all haven’t heard of starlight cuz your dang streetlights put up so much ambient light that stars are completely lost to modern city dwellers. Today’s big complaint, however, is the $18.50 […]

snap out of it

Claire Wolfe’s blog pointed me toThe Sabbath Manifesto. We get so attached to our technologies and everyday lives that we fail to meditate or take a break from the intensity. Thanks to Lew Rockwell . com, I found another set of ideas to break out of the intensity; the rut. As an admitted pen and handwriting geek, parts of this really piqued my interest. 5 Items to Snap You Out of Your Digital Writing Routine I’ve been carrying a gold-plated Cross pen at work for 2 years. NOBODY has been able to snitch it from me. It writes on that stupid thermal paper and on darn near any other surface 100% of the time. But the above article reminded me […]

The Sabbath Manifesto

Regardless of religious beliefs or what calendar you run by, everyone should “give it a rest”. I don’t know who to attribute this to, but here is a good recipe for down-time. Avoid technology Connect with loved ones Nurture your health Get outside Avoid commerce Light candles Drink wine Eat bread Find silence Give back

hyperinflation horror stories

The Business Insider has a great article titled 10 Hyperinflation Horror Stories Of The 20th Century. I’ll summarize here. 1974 – Chile’s year-over-year inflation reached 746%. Why: central bank printed money + anti-liberty political action including government takeover of private businesses. 1989 – Argentina’s annual inflation rate hit 12,000% Why: central bank printed money + anti-liberty political action including government takeover of private businesses. […]

schools seek new tax levy

Thus reads the headline in our tiny-town weekly… and in newspapers across the USA. Tax revenues are down at the federal, state and local level. At the latter two, public indoctrination education is half the budget. “We HAVE TO find new sources of revenue”. My grandfather was a public school teacher in the 1930s. When their neighbors lost jobs and had major reductions in their incomes, the public school teachers voted themselves pay cuts. You see, back then, teachers were among the smarter, more thoughtful and better educated people in the community. They well understood the concept of keeping the service they provided affordable so they could continue to be employed providing it, among other things. […]