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day of mourning

I sit here dressed in all black. It is as good a day as any to mourn the death of the republic. Of course there are many other contenders, and probably some more significant turning points. However this one is printed on most calendars sold in the USA.

Lincoln’s birthday

Black shirts, black pants, black belt, black shoes – pretty hard to not notice I’m mourning something. Every time I’m asked, I’ll mention the birth of Abe Lincoln.

He was not who most people think he was. The Real Lincoln (a GREAT book on the subject) is near opposite the one revered in mainstream textbooks. Many know this. I’ll meet some of them today.

Many don’t. I’ll suggest they read Thomas DeLorenzo’s newer book on the subject: Lincoln Unmasked. (Lew Rockwell published a review of it here.)

Maybe you will too. It is as good a starting point towards learning the deceit of our country’s mythology as any I can think of. Step one towards liberty is learning the truth. Another fine step is to help others learn it.