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reading, not writing

I’m still alive and well, though you can’t tell that by reading IdahoLiberty. I am immersed in the process of making our new house into our home. That includes turning a 5-car garage into an expansive wood / metal / auto shop and a concrete basketball court into a back yard garden. Plus the shelves, desks and cabinetry it takes to satisfy our multiple uses of the interior. Then there is this dang job that sends me an occasional miniature paycheck that seems to be more distracting now than it ought to be.

I still am reading and thinking about the same stuff as always and this morning have to share a good article from John Stossel. There is really nothing new for us there, but it is assembled so well that it deserves the widest possible audience. I’m doing my part towards that end.

See Spontaneous Order by John Stossel.