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lifetime supply of beans

The key ingredients in preparing to take care of yourself and those close to you are called “beans, bullets and bullion”. While I keep climbing onto the rooftops screaming about the economy that those hateful manipulators are destroying, my and your personal responses should include a whole lot of focus on the beans. I wrote a bit about our move. Two years we spent turning a parking lot into a garden only to have the next renters turn it into a parking lot. Our new garden space is covered by a fixed-rate mortgage that includes, as a bonus, the house we live in. Investments in THIS garden are ours. While this year won’t look great on a cost/benefit financial analysis, […]

! FIRE !

Is it time to yell, “FIRE”. While the puppets babble in front of the TV cameras, the future is quite different from what they project and quite clear to those who can think for themselves. What parts of our current economy will be important in a subsistence economy? What things that will be important are we currently doing, practicing and growing infrastructure for? Safe to say, the big growth industries of our recent past will be all but useless in the real world we are entering.

the silver picture

Though it is no longer common knowledge, I’m going to assume my readers understand supply and demand. Thus the picture below should be worth a thousand words to you, though I think that sells it short. Since 1950, 925,000 tons have gone to demand while 570,000 tons came from production. The 350,000 ton shortfall has come from central bank sales, stockpiles and scrap. This deficit equals approximately 16 years of production. The scrap is running out. The central bank stores are gone. Grandma’s silverware and Mom’s tea set can only do so much. Silver buyers are going to be competing on the open market and that will raise prices. With that overlay, here’s the picture. […]

silver breakout

Many of us who seek bits of stability in an unstable world use “beans, bullets and bullion” as our foundation. That refers to storing some food in our pantry, some precious metals ‘under the bed’ and having some means of defending our life, liberty and property. Many bullion watchers have concluded that the most stable anchor and most undervalued is silver. I am not here to post another entry on why buy silver and the reasons therefor. You can read my thoughts on the subject by clicking here or the Category to the right called “economics”. A major portion of those explain silver as a store of value. No, today’s post is to note the apparent breakout of silver’s […]

day of mourning

I sit here dressed in all black. It is as good a day as any to mourn the death of the republic. Of course there are many other contenders, and probably some more significant turning points. However this one is printed on most calendars sold in the USA. Lincoln’s birthday […]

reading, not writing

I’m still alive and well, though you can’t tell that by reading IdahoLiberty. I am immersed in the process of making our new house into our home. That includes turning a 5-car garage into an expansive wood / metal / auto shop and a concrete basketball court into a back yard garden. Plus the shelves, desks and cabinetry it takes to satisfy our multiple uses of the interior. Then there is this dang job that sends me an occasional miniature paycheck that seems to be more distracting now than it ought to be. I still am reading and thinking about the same stuff as always and this morning have to share a good article from John Stossel. There is really […]