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pennies from heaven

Yesterday I told you we bought a house. Interest rates FAR BELOW market value were a key factor (4.75%). As the feds love to do, reported inflation rates exclude food and energy “to avoid confusing you”, but the real rates are running 14-20% or more depending on what things you really need that you are looking at. Obviously, borrowing $125,000 at 10%-20% below the rate of inflation is the same as being paid to take the money.

Where did our sweetheart deal come from?

Who can afford to lend capital at far below its market value and opportunity cost?

The mortgage brokerage who sold us the loan has now sold their interest in it to Chase … JP Morgan Chase, to be exact.

So the key member bank of the NY Fed, who pulls the strings on every dollar ever printed – the bank who we the people bailed out – the bank who months later magically paid back the bailout money (can you say, “laundered money from Fed printing presses?”) has loaned me my money so I can pay it back to them.

Any chance they’ll pay me back once I’ve paid them back?