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I just received an e-mail from an Idaho LP chairman who preceded me questioning the value of the Libertarian Party. My answer follows. I think the Libertarian Party is the only hope for a political solution; that by holding out the hope of a non-aggression, non-statist political solution we serve as a standard; a target for people to compare their collectivist solutions to. […]

the house with a hollow leg

On the lighter side, I occasionally have to smile inside at what the new neighbors must think. […]

safety nets by Gary North

I appreciated Gary North’s post on safety nets on Lew Rockwell . com Here’s a tiny slice out of the center: The safety nets constitute most retired Americans’ source of revenue. They have no private pensions. They do not want help from their children. Their income has fallen. Social Security or a municipal pension is all the institutional safety they possess. There is no real sense of concern yet. There is a vague gnawing away at people’s confidence in the reliability of the nets in general. I recommend the whole pie here:

pennies from heaven

Yesterday I told you we bought a house. Interest rates FAR BELOW market value were a key factor (4.75%). As the feds love to do, reported inflation rates exclude food and energy “to avoid confusing you”, but the real rates are running 14-20% or more depending on what things you really need that you are looking at. Obviously, borrowing $125,000 at 10%-20% below the rate of inflation is the same as being paid to take the money. Where did our sweetheart deal come from? Who can afford to lend capital at far below its market value and opportunity cost? […]

re-entering home ownership

We are pretty much done with our move from the country house to the subdivision. It is a pretty big life change, but feels like the right thing for this time in our lives and the world we inhabit. I’m sorry about the absence from IdahoLiberty, but I’ve been as busy as a one-armed paper-hanger. […]

Big Rocks

In my life I’ve gone both ways on this and heard numerous adamant adherents to both as well, but I have to come down on the side of long-term planning. It doesn’t have to be at the beginning or end of the year and should be allowed to evolve. Call them New Year’s Resolutions or anything you want, but taking a longer look down the road is an exercise we should all practice. For a great illustration, read the following story. […]