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TV worth not watching

Yesterday Michael Badnarik posted an editorial complaint against excessive sexual innuendo in television commercials here. The past Libertarian candidate for US President obviously didn’t propose governmental censorship, but also didn’t really solve it either. I posted my response to his article there, and re-post it here:

Sure the taste exhibited by producers, writers and performers is poor. People you wouldn’t invite for a cup of coffee are invited into your home regularly… and totally dominating the conversation while there. When’s the last time you got a word in edgewise?

There are so many negative aspects to broadcast as well as cable TV that the one you write against is just one among many. Programming is programming. What thinking person allows himself to be programmed?

Oh, but “I only watch the history channel” or some such rationalization. So you probably learn that Lincoln was a good guy, the Federal Reserve stabilized our currency, the USA HAD TO go to war to save the world constantly for the last 100 years, our country is a democracy, etc.

Our little big screen is connected to our karaoke machine, our vhs machine and our dvd machine…. NO TV. Problem(s) solved.