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cotton is king

I have been championing silver as a store of wealth for years now. Friends and family hear the word “silver” out of my mouth and quickly relegate the ensuing words into that portion of politeness that is accompanied with strained, polite smiles and nodding of heads.

Today I discover I should have been selling cotton.

hot commotities

hot commodities

Okay, I am pretty darn pleased with silver’s position as number two on this chart, and even more satisfied with the improvement in my savings account since I put it into silver years ago. Dang, but I wish I had real money to invest. Nevertheless, we will have more real money a year hence than most of our contemporaries.

The chart comes from The Daily Reckoning. They, I and many others have been screaming that the FED is poison and their lies will bury us for years. We have been wasting our credibility on TV watchers and tolerant family members for years. Now the reality is in your face and theirs. But the TV says wonderful people with our best interests in heart will fix it all … and the audience smiles at the comforting news.


I do have some new admirers who have more silver than they would have had if I hadn’t been ranting and selling other people’s goods for a few years. I am better off than if I’d believed politicians and Keynesian economists.

Too bad I didn’t bet on cotton this year.

Meanwhile, if you do have Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs – soon to be worthless) or anything that is measured in FRNs, BUY SILVER with them. The curtains have just parted. The show has just begun. This is the low people will talk about for the next decade. Bail out of the world-record holder for fiat paper currency: the U.S.Dollar.