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$$$ to dust

The Federal Reserve Board has announced their meeting November 3rd will decide what the shape and size their “Quantitative Easing” will take. This is Newspeak for kicking off hyperinflation of the US dollar.

They don’t do anything by accident. That this announcement is the day AFTER the US election merely reinforces the significance of the event. Those who own our money supply calculate that their BIG CHANGE will be complete before the next election 2 years later. They figure to have it settled, I mean you settled into your new life by then.

I think I’ve explained it enough times here at this site that I don’t need to go into the mechanics of what happens to existing dollars when you add trillions more to the supply. Check these articles and the links therein if you need that side trip.

Two years from now you will find yourself at the bottom of the cliff; battered, bruised, dazed and confused and ready to accept your role in their brave new world.

They rarely make a mistake.

Throwing paper dollars onto the fire is not an attempt to smother the fire. The politicians say they are trying to save the economy. The bankers say they are trying to save the economy. The TV, radio and newspapers say the experts are trying to save the economy. The masses believe their great leaders are trying to save the economy. “Trust us” they say, we can fix this – if anybody can.

Somewhere up ahead the road has a washout; the tracks have been destroyed; the perfect storm is blowing in. The scripts are already written. It will be China’s fault, sunspots, drought or crop failure. It will be something other than The Fed’s runaway printing press. But you can count on it and, if you do, you will survive a whole lot better than those completely unprepared.

In hyperinflations, the paper currency gets shed as fast as possible. Dollars will be worth so much less tomorrow that people buy ANYTHING THAT IS AVAILABLE today. Vegetarians buy canned meat, if it is on the nearly empty shelves. They can trade it later for beans. Plumbers buy seed corn for future exchange. Anything but dollars will be money. Paydays are every day. Wages for those who have jobs change daily.

Of every $100 in economic activity since The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, $5 was earned in honest exchange while $95 was printed and passed out by 11 major banks. With it they bought media, manufacturing and politicians as needed.

What can you expect? What should you do? What should you prepare for?

Dollars will turn to dust. A loaf of bread that has gone from a nickel to a dollar under the Fed’s watch will go to $2, $4, $10, $50, $100, $500, etc. in the next two years. Even the cheap-to-mint nickel-coated coins will disappear from circulation. The million-dollar bill will appear with increasing frequency. I know it is really hard to imagine, but you need to work on it.

Debts shrink to nothing. This is wonderful if you owe and can somehow continue to earn. This is a great opportunity for profit if you have the right stuff – like silver, for instance. They, of course, have all the right stuff.

Savings shrink to nothing. This is another way of saying the same thing. Those who hold your dollars in savings accounts see their debt to you evaporate. Nice for them, eh? Of course that assumes your savings are in paper currencies. You obviously need to turn them into some more substantial form. The standard answer is: Beans, bullets and bullion.

I have to stop writing for now. I have some peppers out of my garden to cut up and put away for the longest winter I’ll ever see.