economic picture book

I may have a solution to my frustration in unsuccessfully explaining what is so obvious to me. Five pictures taken together may be worth more than a thousand words each. I give it a go here.

dollars in circulation

The more of them there are, the less each individual one is worth. Scarcity retains value. Overabundance destroys it.

The mirror image of the above graph is the purchasing power of the U.S.dollar below.

purchasing power of U.S. dollar

While dollars are becoming more plentiful and worth less, oil is becoming more scarce and worth more. With the supply of each going in opposite directions, this trend will increase.

long term oil prices in shrinking dollars

Besides oil, what else could a person count on going up in value while the dollar goes down? How about a lesson from the last couple thousand years: gold and silver. Silver is a much better bet. I will explain why in a full article later.

gold prices (in U.S. dollars)

Made in USA is something you don’t see so often any more. If your community doesn’t produce anything desired outside your community, how can you expect to continue buying stuff made elsewhere? They are not going to accept pieces of paper with pretty writing on them forever.

US trade deficit

Quiz time.

I know it is easy to let the experts tell you what is going on and how they will fix it, but it is time for you to THINK.

Are they ignorant or deceitful?

No, there isn’t a third choice.

Is it likely they can reverse the rotation of the earth and unwind the problem the federal reserve created with their printing presses?

Is the trajectory pictured above going to change for the better?

No, don’t ask them. Don’t believe them. Ask yourself. Think for yourself.

One more time: Are they ignorant or are they deceitful?
Can you trust your future to them?
Should you do some preparation on your own?