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Who is at the top of the justice pyramid in Idaho and the USA?

The jury is the final arbiter of justice. Period. Dot.

Some old man sitting in a high chair wearing a black robe has in his confused little brain the idea that the USA federal government can control firearms that are built within a state and stay within that state (link). How foolish that we cross our fingers in hopes The Robed Ones might get things right. We cheer when our team wins, cry when they don’t. Sad. Bad on them. Bad on us.

That the juries decide innocence and guilt is a 750-year-old rule of law in our society.

It should be obvious to us now – heck, it should have been obvious for a long time now – that electing or legislating ourselves to liberty is unlikely. Quiet disobedience and fully informed juries are the only nonviolent choices I can think of off the top of my head. I’m not advocating the third and final choice, but I’m not dead-set against it, either.

While I’m doing my little bit to educate my world out of slavery, I have more faith in the Fully Informed Jury Association than in mass awakening getting us out of this. Meanwhile, I place small bets on all four outcomes… can’t lose that way.