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found my line – update

A few people were curious about what happened next (found my line post of Sept 21st).

Nothing. So far.

Oh, we corrected a typo on the sign and on the picture thereof attached to my blog.

My phone received two calls Sept 28th from the nice census lady. Both requested a call back. In the first she represented some organization that I didn’t bother to note, but recognize from previous conversations as a front for the census. In the second she represented “the U S Census”. Since I had nothing to add, I did not return the calls.

One friend offered to contact the newspaper and sheriff, who he thought should be interested. I authorized it, but have heard nothing back.

Oh I guess one other nothing was my stepson’s response. He asked who we pissed off. With the situation explained, he assured us he answered each and every question thoroughly and completely.

We still go to work 5 days a week. We pass the signs in our driveway coming and going. There have been no more love letters or hate mail from the Census folks.

I can’t say the lack of action means a thing. I think I’ll take the signs down when I hear that the 2010 census is fully over, the census troops have been sent home and unemployment is unexpectedly up by 500,000.