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For no good reasons I can think of, I have kept me and this blog at arm’s length. It came up again this morning, and lacking a good reason why not, I’m coming out of the closet. My name is Ted Dunlap and I am an educator. […]


My marriage with my wife is our business. We chose to involve family, friends, and a minister at an event to memorialize this union, but that was our choice and no business whatsoever of the state or federal government. Marriage is not a state event. Relationships between individuals are not up to bureaucrats, central planners or a majority of the voters, but strictly the business of the individuals in that relationship. While the governor or legislature of Idaho may have opinions of what marriages they like, there is no room whatsoever in their job descriptions for dictating relationships to the people of the state. […]

economic picture book

I may have a solution to my frustration in unsuccessfully explaining what is so obvious to me. Five pictures taken together may be worth more than a thousand words each. I give it a go here. The more of them there are, the less each individual one is worth. Scarcity retains value. Overabundance destroys it. […]

yours, if you want it

Who is at the top of the justice pyramid in Idaho and the USA? The jury is the final arbiter of justice. Period. Dot. […]

southern exposure

The coincidence of extraordinarily low interest rates, extraordinarily low housing prices, extraordinarily few qualifiable buyers, eager sellers, eager mortgage brokers and the imminent beginning of hyperinflation has tempted us back into the housing market. While there will be a large number of mortgage defaults in the near future adding to the heap, it won’t be too long before the blizzard of dollars the Fed is kicking out of their helicopter come home to devalue the dollar-denominated price of everything. Home prices may come down slightly more, but I think we are very near the bottom of the dip before they head for the stratosphere along with the price of everything but jet skis and breast implants. Of course there are […]

found my line – update

A few people were curious about what happened next (found my line post of Sept 21st). Nothing. So far. […]