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The storm will pass tomorrow..?

Some writers almost recognize the impending doom, but come up with a way to pass it off as needless fear. Don’t worry … Be happy.

But here are the fundamentals. Sure, you can be happy, but if you aren’t preparing for the worst, you are living in a dream world.

1913: The final central bank takes over the USA money supply. A handful of bankers now own the US dollar.
1944: The bankers get all major countries to accept the dollar as if it were gold or silver. The central banks of the world begin absorbing excess dollars that the Federal Reserve makes up out of thin air.
1972: The USA dissolves the last link between paper dollars and precious metals.

This picture from the St. Louis Fed tells you how it worked out

For every $5.00 that the economic pinnacle of free enterprise and entrepreneurship created via creativity and labor, the bankers printed themselves another $95 that spent exactly the same as earned money. Because of their 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement, the extra forged dollars did not destroy the economic engine of it all (right away).

Not too surprisingly, the bankers whose pockets are lined with 95 dollars for every 5 that are created by the ENTIRE ECONOMY of the USA, are incomprehensibly wealthy. That much money … let me say it another way, they have 19 TIMES as much money as EVERYBODY in the USA earns via honest labor … That much money can be used to OWN all the media and OWN all the politicians, even select who runs the nations colleges and universities.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”
– Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Here’s the dude that did it, telling you how it was done.

TODAY there are cargo containers full of paper dollars all around the world. Central bankers of most countries are trying to figure out how to convert them into something useful; something that will hold up. The trick is to not start a panic selling of those forgeries until your bank gets rid of all the ones you hold in your vault. Another nasty bit of modern reality is that the US consumers are still leading the world in consumption of trashy little crap that you can’t sell elsewhere.

Dang tough call.

BUT, someone is going to blink. Someone is going to play the role Charles DeGaul did in ’64. Someone is going to press for value in exchange for dollars.


As much as I wish to be let down gently, it is not to be.
When TSHTF, it will get stinky
all at once

Carry a raincoat and your rubbers wherever you go.