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better than a flat tax

In a wonderful article at Casey Research, David Galland outlines in brief the significant (and severe) steps it would take to right this boat before it sinks. Go there. It is worth a read.

He unfortunately trots out the old flat tax idea. I’m sorry David, but give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. They have proven that enough times that there should be nobody left doubting it. A flat tax of 60% is not much better than a complex tax of 60%. Granted the veil of legitimacy granted the IRS secret police force would be gone, but that still won’t free the economy or the people.

One tweak from constitutional convention of 1787 would have preserved liberty and prevented destruction of the republic. They wrote our constitution such that the senators represented state government; were elected by the state legislatures, and that all bills involving federal expenditures had to originate in the senate. What they missed was that federal funding had to come from the states.

If a state wanted representation in the senate, they had to pay their proportionate share. How that money was collected would be entirely up to the states.

This one structural change would have changed everything. Rather than writing another 1,000 words or more on the possibilities, I encourage you to let your mind roll with it. Maybe I’ll write the book later.