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eye stretcher

Sometime after we reach the far side of 40 years old, our eyes lose some of their elasticity. It becomes difficult for the older rifleman to clearly see the front sight AND the target. We see either one clearly, but lack the youthful depth-of-field to see both simultaneously. My 15-year career of shooting CMP Service Rifle and NRA High Power competitions has been marked with “good eye days” and “bad eye days”. I keep toggling back and forth from using straight safety glasses for a clear view of the all important front sight, or using my prescription lenses so I can see the target clearly. I finally have the gear as good as it needs to be to shoot at […]

The storm will pass tomorrow..?

Some writers almost recognize the impending doom, but come up with a way to pass it off as needless fear. Don’t worry … Be happy. But here are the fundamentals. Sure, you can be happy, but if you aren’t preparing for the worst, you are living in a dream world. […]

found my line

Many of us have wondered where their line in the sand is. At what point do you finally stop retreating? The U.S. Census folks sent us a four-page form in, I think, April. We returned it completed with the information the U.S. Constitution required them to collect every decade: TWO. There are 2 people living here. They have been doing their share to keep the unemployment numbers low by sending various people here ever since. Always cordial, always pleasant and always leaving without a fuss having accomplished nothing more. We continue to answer “Two”. Then Friday night, September 17th I find a FedEx package on my doormat when I get home from work. Inside is a one-page letter from the […]

better than a flat tax

In a wonderful article at Casey Research, David Galland outlines in brief the significant (and severe) steps it would take to right this boat before it sinks. Go there. It is worth a read. He unfortunately trots out the old flat tax idea. I’m sorry David, but give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. They have proven that enough times that there should be nobody left doubting it. A flat tax of 60% is not much better than a complex tax of 60%. Granted the veil of legitimacy granted the IRS secret police force would be gone, but that still won’t free the economy or the people. […]

homegrown surgery

I got really cornered into doing some surgery on a chicken foot. Okay, I’m a sissy in this particular area and put it off longer than I would have had I been raised killing and cutting up things for meat rather than buying it in nifty packages from the meat market. […]