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Man the lifeboats

The great ship of state is steaming full-speed-ahead towards a colossal iceberg. When it goes down, everyone aboard and anyone nearby will get sucked down into an icy totalitarian tomb along with it.

Unconstitutional usurpations of liberty and property are getting signed by the president of the USA so fast it is hard to keep track – and the mainstream media isn’t even trying (mostly because the legislative sponsors also own the media, but that’s another story altogether).

Just about the time I think I need to strap on my life jacket and swim away from impending doom, I find more people than I imagined launching lifeboats. This is wonderful news. I am thrilled to share bits of it with you.

The Tenth Amendment Center takes its name from that part of The Bill of Rights that says, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or the people.”

This is one exciting place that I cannot recommend highly enough. There IS a lot going on. People ARE using the law of the land to defend liberties whose protection was written into the Constitution 230 years ago.

From there you can find articles and links to other activities and actions that say there are a lot of us out there and there is hope that there just might be some free countries left when the dust settles on the nightmare from DC.

It will get a lot tougher if/when they take the uncontrolled Internet away from us, but for now you can see a lot of activity and more resistance to statism than you might have felt from your immediate surroundings and heard on your evening news.

Michael Boldin put it together in a great article at the Campaign for Liberty. I found most of the list below linked in that article. Here’s his list and more… a heartening bunch for sure.

12 states have passed 10th amendment resolutions.

25 states passed laws and resolutions nullifying the Real ID act.

7 states have passed firearms freedom acts.

14 states have legalized medical marijuana.

28 states are dabbling with health care freedom.

I could spend longer building this list, but suffice it to say, “The news is good”. Follow a few of the links I included. Read more about limiting the federal government to its charter. Get involved in protecting your liberty NOW while it can be done nonviolently.

Help launch the lifeboats. They are a dang sight more comfortable than bobbing in the frigid water all alone wearing a life jacket.