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sucked into an insurance scam

One of my insurance companies just sent my annual statement. I can see the thousands of dollars I paid in, and the thousands my employers sent them instead of paying me more for my labors. The pretty little charts show how much I should expect to get paid back, in monthly installments, if I decide to ask for it a few years from now. The bad news is that those with even the most crude understanding of accounting have discovered this insurance company is bankrupt. Yep, their liabilities far exceed their income. They spent my money instead of investing it safely to insure repayment as contracted. […]

The farmer and the financial analyst

The farmer learns to read nature from nature herself. Similarly, his knowledge of economics, society, politics and current events comes from self-directed study that led him to Mises .org, Lew Rockwell .com, The Daily Reckoning .com, The Mental Militia .com, Rational Review Digest .com and an extensive library of economics, history, politics and sociology books. […]

Interview with Doug Casey

While quite startling to those who haven’t spent a great deal of time studying and understanding real (Austrian school) economics, the following quote out of the middle of a Doug Casey interview states the best of two unsettling choices very well. “…back to the present global economy: do you think Greece will default? Doug: First, you shouldn’t talk about “Greece” like that. We’re talking about the Greek government’s debt. And my view is that not only will they default, but that they should default. Generations of future Greek taxpayers should not be turned into serfs in order to pay for the excess of today’s Greek politicians. And the people who lent the Greek government all that money to do stupid […]

Man the lifeboats

The great ship of state is steaming full-speed-ahead towards a colossal iceberg. When it goes down, everyone aboard and anyone nearby will get sucked down into an icy totalitarian tomb along with it. Unconstitutional usurpations of liberty and property are getting signed by the president of the USA so fast it is hard to keep track – and the mainstream media isn’t even trying (mostly because the legislative sponsors also own the media, but that’s another story altogether). Just about the time I think I need to strap on my life jacket and swim away from impending doom, I find more people than I imagined launching lifeboats. This is wonderful news. I am thrilled to share bits of it with […]