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uncommon cold response

I come from such a normal mother. How did this happen to me? How did I get so far out of whack?

I catch a cold. It gets bad enough that I miss work. I frustrate Mom because I don’t go to an AMA- and state-licensed physician.


I’m supposed to go to a licensed medical center.
Answer questions to be typed into The Database.
Patiently explain that my Social Security Number is not a medical identification number, thus having no relevance here (I must not be completely alone in this as they don’t argue any more).
Sit patiently in a room full of sick people waiting for my name to be called.
Get my weight, body temperature and blood pressure checked.
Answer questions for a form on a clipboard that will later be typed into The Database.
Wait in a private room with a handful of magazines that sick people have handled so thoroughly they are as soft as toilet tissue.
Talk to the licensed Doctor… who adds more data to the form on the clipboard that will later be added to The Database.
Be told I should stay home, hydrated, rested, fed and warm… and, oh, just in case you might have some bad biotics among the good ones in your body, fill this prescription to kill all of them.
Pay the receptionist.
Take the special permission slip to an AMA- and state-licensed pharmacy.
Wait patiently while they take a half-hour to put 10 pills in a bottle with my name on it.
Get back home to resume the hydrating, resting, feeding and warmth absorption I had interrupted for half a day.
Take the pills that will kill all the good germs in my body.
Spend the next week letting my body recover from the cold on its own.
Spent the following week letting my body recover from the antibiotics I took..

But, No, I’m not normal.

I take a few yet-to-be-outlawed herbs, off-the-shelf expectorant, Boise Co-op nasal spray and let my body make what used to be called “a common cold” stop making me feel so much like resting, hydrating and keeping warm.

At a glance, of the two lists above, the second seems so simple to me, while the first so complicated. But there is another place where I’m broken.

The simple answer is: See a doctor.

The question is irrelevant. See a doctor is the answer. So simple. How come I can’t get it right?