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Where have I been?

It has been a long time since my last post here. You might have begun wondering what happened to me, or my interest in writing.

I spent some time on infrastructure and educating myself in its control. I made some changes here and a complete rebuild of my other website:

They are obvious relatives – they came out of the same head and through the same hands, keyboard and link. This one has let me express myself and get the feeling I might be helping some folks learn a bit more about various topics. The other one is very much the same except it is directed to a new audience that may find my writings because of my political candidacy.

I have but one goal: Liberty.

The more people who are thinking, the better our chances of liberty. The more people who understand what the state is, does and has done, the better our chances of liberty. The more people who take responsibility for themselves and their community, the better our chances of liberty.

If anything I say or do helps, if any link I introduce helps, and particularly if one who gains some enlightenment here, shares it with others, then these two sites are worth every minute and dollar I give them.

I’ll probably get back to adding entries here, but now I have two sites that want a regular diet. I’ll be like the mother robin returning to the nest to regurgitate a worm into the mouth that is open the widest (okay, not the prettiest metaphor, but it works and, besides, the robins are coming back now).

You might notice I added an RSS feed widget here (and there). You might try it out. It is supposed to let you know when I put something fresh up on the blog. That could be handy when I’m posting intermittently. I also added a quote-rotater that you might find amusing. I entered a stack of them I enjoy, appreciate and/or want to share.

Anyway, sorry for the lull in activity, but thanks for your patience and interest.