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Congratulations due

Representative Dick Harwood and several of our Idaho State Legislators are to be commended and supported for introducing House Bill 589. They now join the ranks of 24 other state legislatures considering bills that reiterate the rights described in the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution… rights that have been trampled by the federal government.

Spurred by Gary Marbut and The Montana Shooting Sports Association, the Montana legislature led the way, quickly followed by Tennessee. The BATFE, recognizing the threat to their illegal activities, is going a’courting with those two states. Meanwhile, 24 other state legislatures are joining the parade of states who are working towards reestablishing the Constitution as the highest law in the land … at least one level above the group JPFO calls “The Gang“.

Happily for lovers of liberty, this wave of state laws reiterating the 10th Amendment also strengthen the 2nd Amendment, which is the enforcement provision of our Bill of Rights. Of course Handgun Control Inc, in whatever name they are using today, won’t like it. However it is great news for the rest of us.

Co-sponsors of the Idaho bill are to be congratulated. Your legislators should hear from you in support of House Bill 589. Idaho may soon join Montana, Tennesee and, as of yesterday, Utah in saying the limits of the federal government regarding interstate commerce are what they were in 1789.

The complete bill is here. I attached the statement of purpose from it below.

This bill states that firearms and ammunition manufactured in the state of Idaho using parts manufactured in the state of Idaho will be exempt from federal law or federal regulations, including registration, firearms accessories, or ammunition that is manufactured in Idaho and remains in Idaho under the authority of the United States Congress to regulate interstate commerce.

Firearms and ammunition manufactured in the state of Idaho using parts manufactured in the state of Idaho have not participated in interstate commerce. The federal government, according to the Constitution of the United States of America, possesses no authority to regulate them.

The bill asserts the right of the State of Idaho to regulate the intrastate use and acquisition of firearms pursuant to the reserved powers of the State from intrastate commerce and the 10th Amendment and the Second amendment right to bear arms? Firearms manufactured or sold in Idaho under the provisions of the bill shall bear the words “Made in Idaho,” stamped on a central metallic part.

State Expenditures: No fiscal implications to the State. This bill will bring jobs for in state business and jobs in manufacture of state made and retained firearms.