life is not a spectator sport

Another day – known in some circles as “Superbowl Sunday”.

We went to the annual gun show for the local club. Renewed our membership, watched the mandatory 1-hour show to earn a key to the outdoor range, drooled all down the front of my sweater…

gorgeous stainless steel coach gun

An absolutely gorgeous coach gun that has never been on my want list was the first gun inside the door. It grabbed my by the head and jerked me to a stop just staring at it. $250. Who needs groceries this month, honey? No, huh. Dang.

1500 lead .38 bullets in my pantry with nothing I want to shoot them through. At the top of my short list is a S&W 686 for that purpose. $675 for one with my desired 6″ barrel and only 40 rounds through it. Honey? No, eh?

One of the regular bullseye and pistol silhouette shooters had a custom 44 Special with a bull barrel on a S&W frame .. the optimum balance of accuracy and power in his mind. $275 Honey? No, eh?

Home-made jams and candies to die for. At $8 each, only one jar could come home with us.

A Montana Silversmiths belt buckle with my initial on it had to come home for half price…. I mean, what are the odds the only belt buckle in the middle of this display of guns and knives would have MY initial? … talk about having my name on it… After all, it IS silver and we ARE supposed to be storing up silver, aren’t we?

.308 match ammo that my AR-10 LOVES for about half price $20/box. How many boxes do you want? All 18 of course. However, none of them are on my pantry-fill list, so that’s how many came home with us – none.

Lotsa old friends came up and said “Hi”. Before my two-year attempt to reach Gault’s Gulch, I was quite active in the club, even president for a couple of terms. Upon returning to this valley, my job had kept me away from events. But this year promises to be a little better in that regard. It was wonderful to be recognized, welcomed back and invited to shoot with some really good folks.

We even have a date with a Dillon 650 as soon as I get some 9mm bullets – the only cost, according to him, is that we have to listen to him chat while we crank out 1,000 rounds per hour … and, for us, he is a delight to talk with. He’s an A-class shooter, a IPSC and IDPA range officer and a real nice guy.

Then a stop at a competing thrift store to check out their marketing and a furniture stand I’m bidding to build for my thrift store… a little side job to help with pantry funds.

Stupor bowl…. you gotta be kidding me? Life is way too full for fitting that in.