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Don’t just sit there!

I still feel that people as a whole are leaving out direct action in hopes of someone else stepping up first. Problem being that nobody steps up and everyone then gets crushed under the boot. Know what I mean?

Just so’s you know, darn near every one of this forum‘s mossbacks have grabbed their sword, leapt upon the white charger and vigorously attacked the monster. In nearly every case, the monster didn’t even notice us.

We screamed and slashed in a fighting frenzy, charged, wrote, spoke, rallied, recruited and much more. We found others who agreed with us and implored them to join in the recruiting effort for one great, final victorious assault. But they, too, had been there, done that and couldn’t be convinced that THIS was the time we would finally win it.

Finally, in exhaustion, we sat beside our own Walden Pond to contemplate the situation. We can’t accept such great injustice and theft, but can’t fix it. What to do?

You will find most of us happy to see another one young to the understanding of our socio-political-economic world. We welcome each and every one and do whatever we can to encourage them and find more of them. But our limit is we have to be here to do any good. We can not eat our seed corn today and be there for the next charge tomorrow. So we keep our swords sharp, keep ourselves as strong as we can and contribute a measured portion of our time and resources to educating others. Always we wait for The Moment when we smell potential victory… or are cornered with nothing left to lose.

We understand your thoughts and action better than you probably imagine. Furthermore, we applaud you and celebrate your battle cries recalling the exhilaration of battle from our own charges. Constantly we hope the critical mass will finally become knowledgeable enough and brave enough to knock our Berlin Wall down. We wish for that charismatic leader to deliver a breakthrough. We daydream that someone will come up with The Right Approach. We think we must be close to That Moment.

We hope we are at the right place at the right time with the necessary wisdom and courage to be an integral part of it. Meanwhile, whenever we sharpen our hoes, we dress the edges of our swords just for luck.