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Fix it already

The popular argument between the Republican faithful and the Democratic faithful rages on. The elephant fans gleefully point out Obama’s failure to fix everything like he promised. The donkey fans respond that it took eight years to create the financial mess. The correct response is that the path to this point where destruction of our economy is all but assured began in the 1860s where the Rs and Ds agreed that four, five or more somewhat equal political parties was inferior in meeting their needs than two. With a monopoly power-sharing agreement worked out, they then went for the money. […]

Don’t just sit there!

I still feel that people as a whole are leaving out direct action in hopes of someone else stepping up first. Problem being that nobody steps up and everyone then gets crushed under the boot. Know what I mean? Just so’s you know, darn near every one of this forum‘s mossbacks have grabbed their sword, leapt upon the white charger and vigorously attacked the monster. In nearly every case, the monster didn’t even notice us. […]

ongoing TSA saga

Just so you don’t think I or TSA have taken a day off: The Duluth International Airport was evacuated today after a piece of unattended baggage was found in the terminal area. The evacuation impacted the entire airport, and lasted for approximately two hours. Roads around the airport were blocked off as the Duluth Airguard was called in to investigate. According to Brian Grefe, director of Operations at the Airport, all passengers are being allowed to re-enter the terminal as of 1:45 p.m. this afternoon. Only one comment:

further flights of fright

CNN: Two F-15 fighter jets escorted a passenger jet that had been headed for Hawaii back to Portland International Airport in Oregon after a passenger in coach became “uncooperative,” an airline official said Wednesday. As this drama at 30,000 feet unfolds, keep in mind that the F-15 Strike Eagles cost $30,000,000 each and $40,000 per hour to operate. […]

TSA panic attack

Reuters (01/05/10): Authorities shut down a California airport on Tuesday after a suspicious amber liquid in a passenger’s bag tested positive for explosives. U.S. Transportation and Security administration screeners turned up five Gatorade bottles full of what they called a ‘suspicious-looking liquid.’ Swabs of the bag and bottles tested positive for the explosives TNT and TATP. When the bottles were opened, two of the screeners smelled a strong chemical odor, complained of nausea and were rushed to a local hospital, where they treated and released, Kern County Sheriff’s spokesman Michael Whorf said. Kern County Sheriffs deputies, fire crews, FBI agents and members of a ‘joint terrorism task force’ responded to the scene and spent the day questioning Ramirez before further […]