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the line in the sand

Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made
-Otto von Bismarck
By advertising economics as “the dismal science”, they are hoping you won’t bother watching. But you should.

A picture representing our money prior to the 1914 federal reserve takeover:

You will soon understand what they did to these uncommon, pretty little rocks. I have another picture to help your imagination along.


The top picture is known to Keynesian economists as micro-economics while they call the second macro-economics. They tell us not to worry as they increase the money supply through their central banks making the dollar as common as sand on the beach.

Austrian economists call it fiat currency. They point out that the ending of every fiat currency ever made by man is hyperinflation and collapse of the government that created or allowed it.

Common people call it abject poverty.

The ruling elite will call it an opportunity to consolidate power.

Lovers of liberty call it the line in the sand.

What will you call it?
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to include a picture using the actual supply of dollars the federal reserve has printed and the bankers have introduced into the world since 1914.

100-year monetary base

The St. Louis Federal Reserve publishes a close-up view of the last 20 years:

Fed's own chart of monetary base

After the collapse of the Weimar Republic the Germans exclaimed, “No one saw it coming. It happened so suddenly nobody knew what hit them.”

Wrong. Then as now there are thousands of us trying to warn everyone of the impending arrival of hyperinflation. But the voice of those who will profit is much more powerful.

What followed the Weimar Republic, by the way, was the masses uniting behind a man who made the trains run on time and the currency reliable again. A man financed by the Rothschilds who are the major players in the US Federal Reserve today.