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the line in the sand

Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made -Otto von Bismarck By advertising economics as “the dismal science”, they are hoping you won’t bother watching. But you should. A picture representing our money prior to the 1914 federal reserve takeover: […]

provisioning three teens

I work with three smart, active, ambitious and industrious young adults. I like them a lot. I see a lot of me at their age. I understand many of the influences that got them where they are. I sometimes ponder where I may have gone if someone had been able to reach me with some key bits of information. How many stupid moves could I have avoided? I wonder if anyone from the older generation could have reached me at all. That they didn’t could mean nobody tried or that I wasn’t reachable. I’ll never know. Yesterday I took a chance and loaned these three some books out of my personal library. In their cases, I can at lest know […]

tales from The Easter Egg Chicken Ranch

For a month or so, three Leghorn hens have been giving us almost two eggs a day while the rest of the 19-bird flock slowly grew to sexual maturity. […]

health care

Before the AMA bought their monopoly from the government, doctors made affordable house calls and their competition included midwives, barbers, herbalists and many others. Affordable healthcare is within easy reach, however it is not more government but less that will get us there. What we are headed for instead is unaffordable, unavailable, restricted, government-controlled health care.