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watching the lights go out

Today I direct your attention to a U-tube video. While discussion of “the economy” is now part of popular culture, they don’t even hint at the seriousness of the problem.

First off, ever since Slick Willey developed a fondness for White House china, the published unemployment numbers have been significantly cooked … omitting those who found part time jobs, those who took dramatic wage cuts to avoid complete starvation, those whose unemployment insurance terms have run out and, well, everybody who is not currently collecting a government unemployment check. The real numbers can be found at Shadow Government Statistics dot com.

real vs published unemployment

real vs published unemployment

Using understated government figures, the animated unemployment map of continental USA linked below paints a clear picture.

time-lapse USA unemployment by county

Realizing that the stated figures are approximately half of the real numbers, decide if you should believe phrases like “It’s under control”, “recovery is just around the corner” or anything that implies that MORE government intervention will have this up and running in no time … or should you consider contingency plans.