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government construction inc.

The following picture of a series arrived in my e-mail box with the heading “What you mean, building permits…”


Implied is that this wouldn’t have happened were government building inspectors involved in the construction.

HELLO! This photo was taken in Communist China. The government is involved in EVERYTHING.

Planning, zoning, site selection, building design, engineering, materials fabrication, selection and education of the people involved in every phase of the project, financing … please tell me what part wasn’t controlled by the Chinese government?

If it were my money invested in construction of an apartment building, I’d be watching everything from the germination of the idea to the final recovery of my investment. If it were a group of investors, they also would find some way to insure a return on their investment. If an insurance company owned the liability, you can bet they’d have inspectors all over it from Day One.

Only government bureaucrats with nothing to lose can afford to build disasters. I know a lot of people are comforted with government agents as building inspectors, but I have experienced, heard of and read many instances where those with nothing to lose put exactly that, nothing, into the job … including building inspectors.

Only those who face significant loss for failure are truly committed to success. The failure to properly engineer, design, acquire materials and construct well quickly separates would-be builders from those who can succeed.

Sometimes failures like this in foreign lands gives us a smug proud-to-be-American feeling. Sorry, but I’m not going to believe the Chinese people are stupider than we are.

Which people get a really good look at BOTH free market society and total state control, then choose to give The State control of everything piece after piece in a rapid, steady suicide?

The picture at the top of the page is the prettiest medical care system in history laying flat on its face.