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rising flood of dollars

The direction is obvious. The end is clear. You would have to be squeezing your eyes shut tight to not see it … that, or getting your thoughts from politicians and mainstream media.

Incredibly, the picture is from the St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. Yep, the same FED that created the problem by printing money as fast as possible, then creating electronic equivalents so they could speed up the process.

One hint: When dollars are as common as grains of sand on a beach, they will be exactly as highly valued.


Oh yeah, the gray bars on their graph represent periods officially designated as “recessions”. I suppose we are to be relieved that the current recession is over. Phew! I was becoming concerned. Normal programming can resume.

One out of every three dollars the US Congress and US President are spending doesn’t exist. Worse, they are obviously set on INCREASING their spending.

Annual interest expense on money owed by the US federal government is approximately equal to the the amount earned annually by private industry in the USA… the non-governmental gross national product. Worse, they are obviously set on increasing their debt.

If your neighbor, family or friends were running a household like this, you would anticipate their self-destruction. If your employer was doing this, it would obviously be time to find another source of income.

That it is the US federal government doing it to itself and the US dollar should lead you to considering a collapse of both.

Somewhere on that line chart above is a horizontal line representing the earth covered with a flood of dollars.

Scattered around the planet are a whole bunch of Noahs frantically building their Arcs. Some of them will float, some won’t.

But if you aren’t trying to build one, you ought to ask yourself, “How well can you tread water?”