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watching the lights go out

Today I direct your attention to a U-tube video. While discussion of “the economy” is now part of popular culture, they don’t even hint at the seriousness of the problem. First off, ever since Slick Willey developed a fondness for White House china, the published unemployment numbers have been significantly cooked … omitting those who found part time jobs, those who took dramatic wage cuts to avoid complete starvation, those whose unemployment insurance terms have run out and, well, everybody who is not currently collecting a government unemployment check. The real numbers can be found at Shadow Government Statistics dot com. real vs published unemployment […]

government construction inc.

The following picture of a series arrived in my e-mail box with the heading “What you mean, building permits…” Implied is that this wouldn’t have happened were government building inspectors involved in the construction. HELLO! This photo was taken in Communist China. The government is involved in EVERYTHING. […]

farewell good friend

We said goodbye to an old friend today. We remembered many, many, many wonderful moments, behaviors and his absolute devotion. […]

federal health care

Circulating on the web, and needing no additional commentary is the following picture and text. […]

rising flood of dollars

The direction is obvious. The end is clear. You would have to be squeezing your eyes shut tight to not see it … that, or getting your thoughts from politicians and mainstream media. […]

an agile mind

The broadcast and cable mainstream media (MSM) exist at the pleasure of government; every one of them is subject to licensing. They are completely subservient and their “reporting” is nothing more than passionless stenography. They serve the same purpose Pravda served in the former Soviet Union – they let the peasants know the correct line of thinking. […]

Hello. My name is STUPID

While they might possibly be qualified for useful work somewhere, State wildlife officials are clearly outside their field of expertise In West Palm Beach, Florida. Perhaps that this is screamingly obvious to me is because I’m a genius. Nope. Maybe I’m more expert in wildlife than those with resumes and employment in that field. Nope. What if jobs granted as political favors had no penalties for bad decisions. AH. A theory that fits the data. […]