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taking public goods

just curious about your stance on some things:

do you take advantage of public roadways, built with public funds (local, state and federal)?

do you use the Federal Postal system? At one time, I believe that was federally funded

I know you take advantage of the internet which, I believe, was created in part with federal funds.

do you, or have you, enrolled in Medicare.

do you, or have you, received Social Security benefits, myself, I received “survivor” benefits after my mom died when I was a kid and perhaps I might even get some in the future should the system not imploded.

did you take advantage of any public education? even private education gets some amount of local, state or federal funds, even if it is not being taxed.

The point I am trying to refer to (and no, it isn’t the one on my head), is that nowadays, “no man is an island”. If nothing else, I’ll bet you received the benefit of the defense of this country by its forces and law enforcement as well.

You hit on some points that Libertarians often debate amongst themselves. It can be a bit of a contest to see who is the more pure Libertarian… and is often amusing to watch from the proper perch. I’ll give you a bit of it.

Roads existed in times and places without government intervention. Turns out man likes to travel and creates ways to facilitate that travel. The early USA was a vast network of roads, railways, canals before the government got involved.

There’s some real interesting history of one man building The Great Northern railroad across the USA with his own money in the most efficient way possible in the same era where Lincoln’s friends built a competing track at taxpayer expense in the most inefficient way possible, but one that Gerrymandered its way to and through real estate owned by many of the government officials and campaign contributors.

While we can never know now how our highways and roads would have looked without government monopoly, there is no doubt there would be roads. What we can know for sure is that we pay about 50-cents/gallon in fuel taxes. That goes to state and federal budgets and comes back a shrunken shadow of its former self to build and maintain highways. The rest gets spent by the politicians on their friends and getting favorable press. Fuel taxes could be cut in half if ALL they were spent on was roads.

The postal system has a mandated monopoly on letter carrying. The turf they don’t own by law is far better handled by FedEx and UPS. Both of them would be happy to take over letter carrying if they weren’t prohibited from it.

I sure hope you don’t figure the Internet exists cuz Al Gore invented it. Techno geeks put it up and its use spread organically. Had it been government planned, it would be as good as the Postal Service.

Medicare .. Social Security .. Not only have I received none, I am sadly resigned to paying in to something I won’t get anything back out of… I’m only 60. It will be dust before I get a nickel. I can only ruefully shake my head at all of the money that has been extracted forcibly from decades of paychecks under the fiction that I would someday get it back. Stealing it had to be accepted by me, but the lie hasn’t held water for a long time.

Oh don’t get me started on the public indoctrination centers and government takeover of private universities via grants, loans and strings attached thereto. Never has a better program of misinformation and propaganda been foisted on an entire populace.

Just a forinstance…. Home schoolers, whose parents pay for public schools AND pay to educate their children outside of those schools they are paying for, make up less than 1% of the population yet over 20% of the winners in spelling, math, history and geography bees. They also are demonstrably more likely to excel in college academics and are dramatically overrepresented in successful extra-curricular activites like sports and school politics.

I could list a stack of f’rinstances, but you really ought to read some history and economics that isn’t written by revisionists. Go here for a sampling.

Worst of all, please don’t try to convince me that bombing people in other countries has been for my benefit. While your history and news sources may have convinced you of that, mine have convinced me of quite the opposite. I challenge you to digest a small fraction of the counter arguments as I have and still come out on the side that claims these assaults were for the good of the general populace of either the attacked countries or the attacker’s country.

I don’t expect to win you over with a few words here. I am saddened that so many are taken for fools by a well-designed scheme… and grudgingly respectful of the thoroughness of the schemers. I recommend you spend a little time at my website where I put a lot of work into inserting appropriate links as modern footnotes into my essays.