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Are the lights on?

How can the hostile takeover of health care businesses and workers by the federal government be okay? Blissful ignorance is one thing, but this is worse. It has to be willful ignorance.

Is there really anybody out there who doesn’t understand that there are a whole lot of people who will over-use free health care service? If asked to think about it, does anyone really expect there are an infinite quantity of heart bypasses and new hip joints sitting in a warehouse somewhere just waiting to be handed out to anyone who wants one?

If they do conclude that health care is a finite good, then are they ready for the next half of the conclusion, that their lovely free universal health care will turn those goods, services and the people who provide them from private to government? Are they ready to have their least favorite politicians deciding who gets care and when?

What other choice is there?

Of course there is the fairyland option where perfect people make perfect decisions. Are there really people out there who have experience with perfect people attaining positions of power?

As we run full speed downhill into the abyss, I am amazed at some of the decisions the politicians get away with. Piles of mistakes are buried under mountains of stupidity. Covering it all is an ocean of greed and corruption.

It seems so obvious to me now, and has for so long that I have to work to understand how anyone can think this is good or even okay. What kind of people think this can work out?

I suppose I have to admit that thinking is not involved and belief is the operable word.

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