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Are the lights on?

How can the hostile takeover of health care businesses and workers by the federal government be okay? Blissful ignorance is one thing, but this is worse. It has to be willful ignorance. […]

Civil unrest

Today’s entry isn’t really here. Rational Review Digest, an excellent source for news, gave me a snippet that led to another great Claire Wolfe article. This one is “Preparing for civil unrest“. Claire is an excellent and thoughtful writer. In this article she has considered ramifications to much of what is going on economically, socially and politically today that makes many of us uncomfortable. My service to you today is to say, “Go read it“.

Probability/Severity index

When it was at the top of the heap, Bill & Dave’s Hewlett Packard management training included analyzing potentially risky decisions using a Probability/Severity index. If something was very likely to happen, but would have little impact on operations, the probability would be high, but severity low. Plan for it taking place, but don’t put too many resources into mitigation as there are few consequences to worry about. While I and most schooled in Austrian Economics are certain the dollar collapse is imminent, you may think we are imbibing strange substances. Thus you give looming economic disaster a low probability. Fine, but consider the severity if we are right. This potential merits a good look even if you think we […]