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Union Motors

The Confederacy and Republic are long dead. Hooray for the victorious Union. Now mismanagement by private enterprise is being replaced with efficient government central planning. US automakers have now been purchased by the federal government. (We aren’t supposed to notice the printing presses in the background spewing out counterfeit dollars).

I am hugely comforted. While many will eagerly trade their old-school vehicles in, others will need help to make that decision.  I might not be an early-adopter, but I am trying to prepare myself for THE CHANGE.

Union Motors will confiscate the hodgepodge of poorly thought-out transportation devices and give us what they know we really need.

The Commuter:

communist commuter

The supremely popular family sedan:

communist family sedan

Those over-large pickups will be replaced with versatile little vehicles that require far fewer resources in their construction:

communist pickup

Those vacation behemoths will be melted down to produce the practical RV:

communist RV

Union Motors will even accommodate those who insist on a sports car:

communist sports car

Gone will be the wasteful variety and inefficiencies of producing such wildly differing designs. Eliminating the possibility of foolish people buying the wrong vehicle for their purposes is bound to be a boon to our society and environment.

Imagine how much further ahead we would be had the central planners taken over our transportation needs 150 years sooner.

central planning pickup truck