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Misplaced Faith

Those of us viewing the world with knowledge of Austrian Economics are watching the inevitable result of allowing politicians to print money without limit. The dramatically more popular Keynesian theorists who dominate government economic posts spew lots of comforting words that continue to prove wrong. Yet those of us trying to get friends and family to prepare for economic collapse are greeted with patient, “They have a lot of smart guys who know what they are doing”. I know the discussion is over and am saddened by the tragic three assumptions embedded in their sense of security: that the manipulators are honest, knowledgeable and that they have our best interests at heart. […]

Union Motors

The Confederacy and Republic are long dead. Hooray for the victorious Union. Now mismanagement by private enterprise is being replaced with efficient government central planning. US automakers have now been purchased by the federal government. (We aren’t supposed to notice the printing presses in the background spewing out counterfeit dollars). I am hugely comforted. While many will eagerly trade their old-school vehicles in, others will need help to make that decision. I might not be an early-adopter, but I am trying to prepare myself for THE CHANGE. […]