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frightful knowledge VS terrifying ignorance

I understand that none of your neighbors want to read these books. Even if they are readers, they sure as heck don’t want to own the troubling thoughts these books give. The truths of fiat currencies and unbridled power are too horrible to envision as our own and our children’s futures. But the alternative is worse.

While life for the moment might be more pleasant cloaked in faith with “our leaders”, the excrement is frightfully close to striking the rotating ventilator. The Change coming to this political, social and economic powerhouse we inhabit is going to surprise and shock the ignorant. They will have precious little choice but to do what the little voices in their TVs tell them to do. At least that’s The Plan.

I will take my knowledge of real economics, enlightenment about power and history of fiat currency cycles, as troubling as they are, over the sudden, unexpected loss of over half the jobs in this nation. The approaching collapse of the world monetary system will be difficult for all but the insiders, however I would rather see it coming than be shocked as my greenbacks turn to dust. It is far better to have already been thinking of life on the self-sufficiency and barter system than to have to invent such a life from scratch.

If you have been thinking along these lines for a while, you like I realize a community is crucial to your survival. If you haven’t been working on growing that community, make that a high priority NOW.

In the midst of the obvious disaster, I am finding reason for optimism, or at least a glimmer of hope. I am running across people every day and everywhere I go who are angry and restless with “their government”. Interest groups from all over the political map are getting fed up. The hippies, rednecks, organic shoppers, cowboys, home-schoolers, shooters, backpackers, gardeners, hunters and so many more are recognizing the assaults on liberty for what they are.

We have a crack at winning the big one. But YOU must take time out from personal and family preparations to encourage your community to plant a garden, trade labor, share knowledge, develop tools, defend the Internet and anything else you can do to increase the number of people who won’t meekly climb on Homeland Security buses headed to summer camp.