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felony Thinking Small conviction

Today’s local paper tells of an Idaho bank robber receiving a 35-year prison sentence for thinking small. Well that, and going to the wrong schools. Had he gone to Ivy League schools and stolen a million dollars or more, he would be respected and allowed to keep every penny. Heck, he would even be paid ten times what he took in his bank robbery for every speaking engagement they can talk him into in the next few years.

It’s not that I wouldn’t have voted to convict him were I on the jury. The burr under my saddle is that none of us get a crack at being on the jury deciding the fate of the big-time thieves who are doing us so wrong so regularly of late, and on such a massive scale that hardly any of us can believe it is happening.

Reading today’s newspaper story, one could suggest that his using a gun is the big difference. That overlooks that the nation-rapers are using guns and a whole lot more deadly weapons, but they have servants doing the shooting. Once again, the difference is one of scale rather than deed.

We plod along in our little worlds, many of us with a boiling outrage held inside. People you talk to every day are outraged with the ruling elite. Surveys and polls say most of us disagree with their activities. But The Rape of Nanking here in these united states continues.

I suppose it will until enough of us begin thinking big.

Idaho Statesman May 16, 2009
POCATELLO, Idaho — A man convicted for robbing a bank in American Falls has been sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Armando Mason was sentenced in 6th District Court Thursday for the June holdup at the US Bank in American Falls.

Mason was charged with pulling a gun on the teller, firing a shot into the floor, then making off with more than $7,000 last summer. He pleaded guilty in March to five felony charges, including robbery, grand theft, firearm enhancement, burglary and aggravated assault.