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frightful knowledge VS terrifying ignorance

I understand that none of your neighbors want to read these books. Even if they are readers, they sure as heck don’t want to own the troubling thoughts these books give. The truths of fiat currencies and unbridled power are too horrible to envision as our own and our children’s futures. But the alternative is worse. […]

felony Thinking Small conviction

Today’s local paper tells of an Idaho bank robber receiving a 35-year prison sentence for thinking small. Well that, and going to the wrong schools. Had he gone to Ivy League schools and stolen a million dollars or more, he would be respected and allowed to keep every penny. Heck, he would even be paid ten times what he took in his bank robbery for every speaking engagement they can talk him into in the next few years. […]

Montana stands proud

The Montana state legislature and governor have apparently read the US Constitution – and are standing up for it. As of April 15th, any firearm manufactured in Montana is exempt from federal law as long as it remains in Montana. Other states rights laws are being considered and passed. I’ll collect them and share with you soon. The story on this particular one can be read here.